Broadlink Universal Wifi and airconditioning

While thinking of a way to integrate my airconditioners into hass I ran into this gem:

12 bucks for wifi to ir. Can’t build it (as nice looking as this) for this kinda money. Leaves the question; is this a supported Broadlink? Can’t really get it out of the docs. And if it is, someone automating an airco through IR and Hass? Better options maybe?

just got one yesterday, works flawlessly with HA. it’s a little tricky to introduce it to the home-wifi, but once that is done works nicely. you can put it into learning mode with HA, point a remote at it and get the codes to reuse as switches or to send codes via script. the IR range is pretty good, too.

The issue with ACs is that most ACs send together temperature, heating/cooling mode and fan speed as one command, so it’s difficult to implement a flexible remote.

@diplix Good to hear! Thanks for the info.
@kirichkov I heard that before. But for 12 bucks being able to just turn it off and on wouldn’t be that bad :slight_smile: Wish there were discrete codes :expressionless:

Even with discrete codes its still a pain, ive got a dyson fan I’m struggling to find out how to keep track of the state of the fan, heating and cooling mode and the setpoint of the heat mode, all the while being able to actually control it too.

@UltraSub You may be interested in my Harmony Hub Air conditioner setup… I’m sure something similar could be applied with the Broadlink IR device.
AC Split System integration via Harmony Remote

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That’s right. So the tricky bit is to keep the state of the climate device and send the state code through broadlink. This can be done with the climate.mqtt device plus automations. Checkout the examples at AC Temperature with Broadlink - #2 by clkao .

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This looks pretty amazing, although very complex to configure. I do have some suggestions which I’ll share.

Just search for RM Mini 3.