Broadlink wifi bulb LB1 with hass

@KTibow whenever I try to add one of rhe bulbs in the Broadlink HA, it does not work, stating “Device not supported”

Did you try to look in the open issues yet?

I tried, however I did not see anything relevant. A simple play in PyCharm, and I can do this. But not enough to get it to HA and integrate it:

import broadlink

devices =

user_input= input('Turn the light on ?')
bulbs = []
for device in devices:
    if device.get_type() == 'LB1':
for element in bulbs:
    status = element.get_state()
    if user_input == 'yes' and status['pwr'] == 0:
        element.set_state(pwr=1, brightness=100)
        element.set_state(pwr=0, brightness=100)

Any update to this thread? I have a smart bulb from aliexpress and the python-broadlink module recognize it as LB1 and it works well with the module.
If there’s no work being done, I want to make a custom component or pull req. for a ha core component.

I actually implemented support for LB1 in the official broadlink integration on home assistant core. You can find another thread about this here: "LED Light bulb" with Magic Home app" integration? - #53 by new-kirte
and the pull request to add support here:

Currently, it does only support full RGB LB1.

What a good news! I’ll go try it right away