Broke on NGINX config?

So just wanted to check before I try restoring my HA instance here. So I was running a duckdns forward with letsencrypt, but I want to run bit warden and a few other things so setting up a reverse proxy is my next step. I got MariaDB going with a password, got NGINX installed, got SSL commented out in my Config.yaml. However after I saved the server restarted or did something. Anyway I can’t access the localip:8123 in either http or https. I can get to localip:81/login but the default password and email as provided in the documentation won’t accept it, I get a bad gateway. It is running on an RPi 3B if that matters (I’ve read some issues with the Maria-DB). Other issue that might have been a problem is that I direct my logs to my local NAS on a mySQL DB. Not sure why that would cause an issue but thought I should mention it.

So I suspect that there is something wrong where the webservice isn’t accepting incoming requests and the proxy isn’t completely set-up in order to forward my requests. I’m not sure what would cause the webservice to hang / stop accepting local connections.

Before I put on a new card and restore the snapshot… any ideas?