Broken Automation with Motion Sensor and Lights

Hello, I currently have two automations in my bathroom: 1 to turn the lights on via motion detection, and another to turn the lights off after 5mins of inactivity. The first automation works flawlessly, however, the second does not. The automation log says it runs when it’s supposed to, but nothing happens. If I run it from the automations list it works fine. Please see the code below. Where am I going wrong? TIA!

type: no_motion
platform: device
device_id: 02ceefd2d18621abe614260799da1745
entity_id: binary_sensor.upper_bathroom_motion_sensor_ias_zone
domain: binary_sensor
hours: 0
minutes: 5
seconds: 0

Please post the full automation, properly formatted. If the logs say the automation it is running when you think it is supposed to, then the there is a good chance the the issue is not the trigger. Also, it would be helpful if you download and post the Automation trace or at least post a screenshot.

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