Broken Home Assistant After Upgrading

Hi Guys,

Would really appreciate some help here since I dont know where to start.

I havent messed with my home assistant setup in some time now. I needed to manually renew the cert on my box which was successful. While I was getting dirty I decided I should upgrade the system as well. I went directly from version 0.45 to the latest using the commands below (big jump, I know). The upgrade completed successfully but now home assistant page wont load.

I have rebooted the PI.
I have ensured that home assistant is running using:
‘sudo systemctl start [email protected]
I then upgraded HASSbian with ‘apt-get update’ and ‘apt-get upgrade’

I am still able to ssh to the box.
My samba shares are still working. I can see the config files from my Windows machine.

When I try to load the home assistant page in a normal browser window it just spins and spins. Might be cached.
When I try and load up home assistant from a private browsing session, it just say ‘Page can not be displayed’, which makes me think its not even responding.

Any help would be much appreciated.

There’s probably like a thousand breaking changes jumping 20 versions. You’re going to have to go through the log and see what needs changing.


First step would be to inspect the logs, since 0.45 there has been a lot of breaking changes
The logfile for homeassistant on Hassbian is located here:

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Thanks for the replies.

The first thing I noticed in the logs is this…

2018-02-11 11:50:41 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.bootstrap] Python 3.4 support has been deprecated and will be removed in the beginning of 2018. Please upgrade Python or your operating system. More info:

I started looking into it and it looks like around version 0.55 Home Assistant staff recommended that you redeploy HASSbian from scratch and load in your config files as opposed to trying to update Python.

I think I will start there and will report back.

Thanks again. I am still all ears if you guys have anything else.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of stuff that changed. Check your Input_Sliders, they should now be Input_Numbers as one such example. You could try upgrading to a specific release (example jump from 0.48 to .50) and see if all works and then go another increment.

Personally, I upgrade every 2 weeks but if you dont have the time for it, at least visit the breaking changes section bi-weekly and keep a note of the stuff that will break if/when you do upgrade. At least when you do you’ll have a list of what you need to do so it should be less painful.

Don’t feel bad, I upgraded ONE version and have several breaking changes :slight_smile:
Hope you can fix your issue.