Broken rotary encoder (I think)

A component is broken on zigbee device, I believe it’s a rotary encoder since it’s a “spinny” thing.
The black wheel is supposed to be attached on the black center piece.

has anyone seen this component anywhere? I have tried to google the text below it but didn’t find anything.

It looks like an ordinary pot meter, but what stats it have is hard to tell.
On the side turning towards to print there will probably be some text that can clarify it, but you need to desolder it then.

But potentiometers usually has “stops” right?
This doesn’t. It’s the settings wheel on a TRV. I can keep spinning it forever if I want.

So you mean the “bottom” of the component might have some details.
That makes sense…
Maybe I’ll do it some day.

Thanks for the advice

Hmm, then it is a rotary encoder, but maybe you do not have to replace it.
It seems that some of them actually have a shaft hole instead of a shaft, which means the shaft would be fixated on the plastic knob. If this is the case, then carefully drilling out the center would free the hole for another knob, that could then be 3D printed.

The shaft hole could be like this.

I don’t think it has a hole in the middle, but I will have a closer look.

Very impressive that you found the part!
So minimum order is 1000 pieces.
So… I’ll just have 999 spare ones :slight_smile:
At least I have the part manufacturer and name.
Maybe there is a place you can buy fewer.

I am not sure its the correct one.
It might just look like the one you have.