Browser Mod 2 issue with Fully Kiosk

Fire HD wall mounted tablet with dashboard displaying doorbell camera and driveway camera. When either camera detects motion, Browser Mod 2 pops up a full screen image.

  1. If I run Fully Kiosk, I get the advantage of a full screen dashboard with no Fire header or screen controls, and screensaver/blanking that wakes on motion at the tablet - BUT when Browser Mod tries to pop up the camera feed, I get a message “Only One Video Can Play at a Time - The vide in the main window will continue playing” Is this message from Amazon OS, Fully Kiosk, or Browser Mod?

  2. If I run the HA app directly on the Fire HD tablet (and not Fully Kiosk) it works great – Browser Mod pops up the video just like I want it – BUT I have to put up with the Fire Header and screen buttons and no screen wake on motion at the tablet.

I would prefer to run Fully Kiosk – can anyone help me with the 2 videos error message?