Browser_mod play media in current browser

Hi all,

I am setting up an android tablet with the wallpanel app to hang in the kitchen.
Plan is to have a couple (2-3) in the house to control various items.
I got this mostly working. One thing wanted to add was a radio player.
I use the browser_mod integration to add the browser on the tablet as a media_player entity.
But at the moment I have to hardcode the identity of the browser I want to play the sound in.
I am searching for a way to have the browser that is currently in use (whether that is my laptop, a tablet or phone) be the output of the sound. For this I need the identity of the current browser.

In What is the browserID of my current device? · Issue #631 · thomasloven/hass-browser_mod · GitHub a possible solution was posted, but this doesn’t work here. “window” is not defined. Does anyone have a better way, or a solution for this?