Browser mod pop up window: force refresh possible?

Curious development during a wee project I’m working on.

Using browser mod, I’ve coded a popup window containing some custom:button-card buttons. Within one of those buttons, we have a custom field that leverages Javascript to dynamically change an icon. Clicking the button once changes a sensor state, which then results in a new icon displayed within the button that was just clicked. For the sake of argument, lets say that each time I click, a “1” turns to a “2”; another clicked shifts it back to a “1”.

Works perfectly within a normal layout. However, when dropped into the browser mod popup window, two curious things happen:

  1. The button-card icon fails to refresh in real time. A single click results in no change from “1” to “2”, for example, but if I drop out of the pop-up window, then reopen it, the state did in fact change (the window simply failed to update).

  2. The button-card only registers a SINGLE click. For example, given the above behavior, if a “1” button were to be clicked twice, I should be able to close the pop up window, re-open, and see the same “1”. Nope, instead, it appears that HA only registered a single click (we see “2”).

Anyone have any experience with this?

I’m having this problem too, custom button card is not updated when popup is opened. Did you ever figure this out?

Hey Tim,

Sorry for the delay, and for not having any particularly good news. I recall the problem, but I think I just worked around it (IE: redesigned my layout) rather than trying to figure out the quirky behavior.