Browser_mod.popup showing Cerma stream bad size

Ho there,

I am using the browser_mod.popup to show my camera feed on my tblet when someone rings, in full screen, but the bottom of the picture is missing …
any possibility to set the size, or allow “scrolling down” to show complete picture ?

scrolling down, but still missing the bottom of the screen :

… and here is what the entity is supposed to show :

Many Thanks !!

I provided a solution in this thread. It may it work as a solution for you as well.

Thank a lor, @LiQuid_cOOled , and I still need to have a look at the complete thread you referred to, but in the first post of that thread I tests with a picture card and in that card there is a parameter aspect_ratio.

I have set this parameter in my browser_mod, and the complete heigh is still not completely displayed, this is normal because it fills in the wright first, but at least now I can scroll down to see the bottom of the picture :

  - service: browser_mod.popup
      title: Caméra Extérieuresxxx
      dismissable: false
        camera_view: live
        type: picture-glance
        entities: []
        camera_image: camera.dahua_rue
        **aspect_ratio: '1'**
      timeout: 300000
      size: fullscreen
        - Lenovo-tablette
      right_button: Fermer