🔹 Browser_mod - turn your browser into a controllable device, and a media_player

First time browser mod user here. Pretty experienced Home Assistant user (18 months in).

Working with the companion app on a Samsung Android tablet (not sure if that makes a difference?)

I’ve installed browser mod as per instructions, cleared the companion app cache and cache in Chrome browser. Followed setup instructions to register browser:

However, when I try a test popup in Developer Tools:

service: browser_mod.popup
  title: Title
  content: Test text

I get an error:

This service requires a target, please define a target entity_id, device_id, or area_id under target: or data:

I cannot see anywhere in the documentation where it says anything about having to define a target to test if a browser popup works.

What am I doing wrong?

Hm… i have installed 2024.7.0 but popups work here…
I have a bunch of popups with custom button card, all work like before.

Hi, as @Protoncek states: they are not broken with 2024.7.0 but something with your setup will be the issue.
Which version of HA did you run before this one?

There are 2 different types of popups.

The one via the tap_action which seems working (but you have no gui edit Options, only yaml Code), and the one via type: custom:popup-card which seems broken.

Not all cards Support tap_action and for them we need the custom popup-card (which ist broken).

Actually, there is something broken in 2024.7
Take look on:

After updating to 2024.7 I’ve noticed that the Frontend Settings options no longer display properly. The top level options themselves are listed, but none of them expand. This is happening in the browser and the companion app, and deleting and readding the integration doesn’t seem to have helped. Is anyone else experiencing this, or is there anything else I can try?