🔹 Browser_mod - turn your browser into a controllable device, and a media_player

Ok… so here’s my first ever custom component

It does what my lovelace plugins lovelace-player and browser-commander used to do, but with backend support.

From the readme:

  • Make the camera feed from your front door pop up on the tablett in your kitchen when someone rings the doorbell.
  • Have a message pop up on every screen in the house when it’s bedtime.
  • Make the browser on your workstation switch to a specific tab when the kitchen light is on after midnight
  • Play a TTS message on your work computer when the trafic sensor tells you it’s time to go home.

This looks awesome. I was just wondering how I could combine a magic mirror and HA and this looks like it would work perfectly.

Now I just need to build a magic mirror.

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thank you for producing and sharing this. Installed and have 1 comment and 1 question:
In the installation docs it says to add browser_commander to the configuration.yaml. I believe you meant browser_mod. it wouldnt integrate otherwise.

The service call example:

service: browser_mod.command
  command: set-theme
  theme: clear_light

throws a config error.

this doesnt.

service: browser_mod.command
  command: set-theme
  theme: clear_light

is it correct?

Thank you

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Yes. There’s been a lot of other plugins and stuff running through my head while writing this.
It’s browser_mod. Nothing else.

I’ve updated the docs.

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As usual a great mod by a great dev. I haven’t tried this browser commander stuff yet but it sounds great. Would this work on iPads as well?

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It should.

Thank you.
Any advice on the use of service_data vs data?
It throws and error on config.

Actually… it seems sound playback is blocked by apple on ipads… I’ll look into that.

service_data in lovelace, data in backend configuration. As usual.

Ok… I think I found a way to make it kind of work on iPads…

Apple doesn’t want sound auto-playing, so the first one has to be initiated by a user.
However, it doesn’t have to be obvious that it’s initiated… so now touching anywhere on the screen will play a silent sound once, and after that all other sounds should work.

You will need to retouch the screen if you reload the page.

Update to v0.1.1 for this change.

Live voice with video notifications…
DIY via browser-mod Thank you kind sir…
Pretty cool :sunglasses: and very useful. The ability to actually hear what event has just occurred :thinking:, instead of just hearing a ding :bellhop_bell: from my phone and then having to open it up and see what it was, makes a huge difference if you are extremely busy. A simple app to keep the screen on so I stay logged into HA and a ‘blackout’ screen so I’m not eating up my battery<–???..and voila! Live voice with video notifications…
not much of a video, but enough to get the point :trophy:

I’d not trust the blackout screen to preserve any battery. It doesn’t turn off the screen, just makes it display a black image…

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:ok_hand:t2: but when driving this is a big plus :100: Thanks again :smiley_cat:


Can you give an Lovelace example iam not sure where to put the following.

service: browser_mod.command
  command: more-info
  entity_id: camera.front_door
    - ded3b4dc-abedd098
    - dashboard

Thank You and this is a great addon to HA

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This is what it looks like in a script:

    - condition: state
      entity_id: input_boolean.disable_popups
      state: 'off'
    - service: browser_mod.command
        command: more-info
          - Pixel DNS
          - Pixel LAN
          - OfficePC
          - OfficeTab LAN
          - Kiosk
        entity_id: camera.front_door
        large: true

@thomasloven will this be the only remaining function for browser-commander?

    - event: browser_command
        command: lovelace-reload

Thanks @Dino-Tech

I will try it later. Nice touch on disabling the popups with a input.boolean.

Will there be the lovelace-reload command, or do i have to use the browser-commander for it?
Thanks, great Custom Component!

Hello. I’ve installed via HAC, added browser_mod: to my config, and restarted HA, but I’m not getting any new media_player entities. I’m running Chrome browser on a win 10 machine. Am I missing something?

Oops. I forgot that one.

I was sure I added it, but while writing the documentation I accidentally rm -rfed the whole project… and apparently I forgot to add that back the second time…

Will fix. Browser-commander is deprecated.


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