Browser service doesn't open the webpage

I’m trying to create a dashboard for TV shows we watch and links to different play services.

I have managed to get this kind of layout so far where each picture card calls a script that casts the show to our livingroom chromecast. (
What I now want is to make the badges work as links to the play channels main page.

I found which means you can call a browser service, and according to the description it should open a browser window/tab with the link. But I can’t get that working. (I have added browser: to configuration.yaml)
Not in Developer Tools -> Services or in a script.


  alias: tv4play
  - data:
    service: browser.browse_url

When I run this script nothing happens. What have I done wrong?


Yes, System does not seem to work. What can I do to make this work. It just does not surf at all.

Don’t know, have not found a solution yet

Is it possible to check if there is a browser included in the OS that runs Home Assistant, maybe it was forgotten?

I use Developer Tools, and I choose Browser/brose_url from the list and I enter
{“url”: “”} and nothing happens. The system does nothing. Why? It this a known bug?

I did found a work aeound for my purposes. Perhaps you could work with this to Hellis81? What I needed was a way to alert my webserver. And since browser.browse_url dont work. I instead use the shell command curl.

in conviguration.yaml I put:

hitWebPage: ‘curl

This works good enough for me.

I need to open the webpage itself not just a webhook thing.
Thanks anyway…

This is still an issue

So after giving more attention to the documentation we can find that this component will open browser only on host machine - the machine where your HA is installed.