Browser Stuck on "loading data"

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I am able to SSH into HA OK and automations are working OK; I just have no front end.

~ $ ha info reports:

arch: armv7
channel: stable
docker: 20.10.6

  • reboot
  • shutdown
  • services
  • network
  • hostname
  • timedate
  • hassos
    hassos: “6.1”
    homeassistant: 2021.7.1
    hostname: homeassistant
    logging: info
    machine: raspberrypi3
    operating_system: Home Assistant OS 6.1
    state: running
    supervisor: 2021.06.8
    supported: true
  • armv7
  • armhf
    timezone: Europe/London

running: ha host reboot fixes the issue (until the next time).

The issue began about a month ago (I was running 2020.1.x; it was happening daily then). I use the Brave Browser. I updated in on Jul 11th and haven’t seen the issue again (until today 22nd July).

Any suggestions or recommendations would be gratefully received. TIA!

Probably the first step is to check whether you have the same issue on common browsers like chrome / edge / firefox.

Hi Chris. Thanks for the reply. Will try alternate browsers next time this happens.

I had this exact issue when I was connecting to my HA instance after installing a new router that didn’t support NAT loopback. I was trying to connect to the external DNS name and it simply refused to connect and would loop on “loading data” forever. All automations, scripts, etc. continued to work.

Next time it happens, try connecting to the actual IP address of the HA instance locally eg: and see if that works. If it does, then it could be either issues with mDNS, a proxy that sits between your client and the HA instance or maybe your router.

Also, look at the breaking changes for this release - from memory there were some changes to the rules around using a proxy which could be the culprit.

Hi Andrew, thanks for the reply. Lots to think about here!

As it happens, I have replaced my router recently… Although don’t rightly understand why things work fine for a while then stop working… I’ll look at my setup. My PC hosts file directly sends my browser to the local address (so the router shouldn’t be involved).

I’ll see if I can connect using my phone 4g with WiFi switched off the next time it happens as well

Thanks again!