Browser Tab Descriptions

I like having multiple Home Assistant tabs open in my browser like Integrations, Automations, Overview Panel 1, Overview panel 2, Developer tools, etc. Problem is that I cannot see whats in a tab without opening it (or rembering it). E.g. every item under the settings menu is just shown as “Settings - Home Assistant”. It should be named “Automations” or “Integrations” or “Addons” etc.

Is it a browser problem. Firefox shows me what’s in there…

Cool, thank you! I have used the Brave Browser. I’ll give it a try with Firefox…

I think what’s happening is that the tab description shows the parent path, instead of the child.

Can reproduce the same “issue” in Chrome - 2 tabs open on Automations and Integrations both show “Settings”. Looks like it’s only reading the /config part of the url (which maps to Settings) instead the rest:


For what it’s worth, I’m voting. @roddy88 you should vote for your own request too.

I don’t think it’s a browser thing. The <title> is set right in the HTML.

For example, I have both Settings / Integrations and Settings / Devices open right now. Both have the same line: <title>Settings – Home Assistant</title> in the <head> section.

Good idea to make these more specific. Voted.