Browsing files and folders in configuator PROBLEMS?

I’m new so excuse any of this if it’s stupid. I was looking at files and folders and a BUNCH of the folders and some files when clicked on show an error in the I guess it would be the edit area. Is there supposed to be errors on some files and folders to prevent you from messing with them? I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense if people aren’t understanding I’ll try and get some screen shots in the morning. And thanks for reading as I’m sure it was torture for you guys

It would be useful to know what the error message is. In general: yes, if it has trouble it can display the error in the editor-area. If for example you try to open a binary file (like a picture or executable), then you’ll get an error like 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xe6 in position 27: invalid continuation byte or similar. That’s normal, since the editor only handles text-based files.

Perfect that’s what it said Thank You I just had a rough time getting io up to begin with. I think it was my sd so I’ve been worried about it being installed completely. But I very much appreciate your response and will be more detailed in the future.