Brrr (UK workday sensor)

I woke up this morning to a cold house. Possibilities ran through my mind in the shower: hallway sensor (DS18B20 + ESP8266) broken / offline? Boiler packed up? Alarm clock actually an hour early?

Logged into HA: everything seemed to be working, but the climate was in night-time mode. It turns out that the workday integration thinks that today is a UK holiday, so was assuming I’d be having a lie-in.

It is a holiday in Scotland (St Andrew’s Day), but that doesn’t affect the rest of the UK, and there’s no way to differentiate in the workday configuration.

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Ah, this is why my alarm didn’t go off this morning as I have that configured to use the workday integration.

:smiley: that’s brave! I was cold, but at least I wasn’t late for work!

Ironically I forgot that I actually have the day off today so luckily the alarm not triggering had no consequences.
That said, there’s still a bug in the workday sensor as it shouldn’t have triggered a holiday.

Must be secretly Scottish.

I’ve updated my config:

- platform: workday
  country: GB
    - '2021-11-30'
    - '2022-11-30'
    - '2023-11-30'

Hopefully the holidays module will have sorted this by 2024.

My system correctly recognises today is a workday (although ironically I have the day off).


  - platform: workday
    country: England
    workdays: [mon,tue,wed,thu,fri]

Oh! The integration docs suggest that a country code is required — but if England works then problem solved!


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Bingo, my country code is set to UK so no wonder it failed, I’ll set it to England instead. Great tip!

Is anyone else’s workday sensor turned on today (in England) when today is the Early May Bank Holiday, even when using the ‘country: England’ code in their config?

Not here:


No not with the config I posted previously.

Mine worked this morning but my config is still set to UK rather than England.

Ahhh…I hadn’t excluded ‘holiday’ from the config. It now works as intended for me. Thanks!

In 2022.3 things seem to change for those wanting to use ‘England’.

Looks like you need to specify country and province - see docs at Workday - Home Assistant for a link to the list of provinces… for me the below brought things back to life…

 platform: workday
  country: GB
  province: England
  workdays: [mon, tue, wed, thu, fri]

Hope this helps one of you lot, or anyone stumbling in this thread looking for an answer :slight_smile:


Yup I got an error in my logs so changed my config and its been OK since

@squiggleuk @TazUk


Is workday registering 29/08/22 as bank holiday for you?

I have the below

# Example 1 configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: workday
    country: GB
    province: England
    workdays: [mon, thu, fri]
    excludes: [sat, sun, holiday]

However my schedule still shows Monday as a working day? is this the same for you guys?


How are you checking the future date?

I am using the scheduler card to controller a generic thermostat.

It shows the next run time for any schedule, and it is showing next monday at 7am. If i have my config like as below, it shows next run time as thursday.

  - platform: workday
    country: GB
    province: England
    workdays: [thu, fri]
    excludes: [sat, sun, holiday]

So it seems like it isn’t coming through as a holiday date, based on the next run time.


Ah okay, thanks for explaining (I thought I might be missing some built-in functionality).

I’ve got no ability to look ahead in HA so can’t really help here I’m afraid.

In fact from playing a bit more, I think it’s actually an issue with the component. I don’t think it has visibility of upcoming holidays. Hard coded reoccurring days, yes but not as hoc holidays.

Thanks for your replies. Will see how it behaves on Monday.