BRUH LEDs turn off randomly. Any idea please?


I have a couple of BRUH LED setups running and they both power off rat random intervals.HA shows them as OFF and i can turn back on. Sometime they can run for hours, other times 30 minutes before they power themselves off. Any idea why please as nothing in the HA logs? Any debugging I can turn on to see more info please?

I just noticed in the logbook the switch off is recorded…

Kitchen LEDs turned off

no idea why…


They are most likely restarting. Power loss or bad Wi-Fi. If enclosed or close to a power source, signal can quickly be a problem.

wifi is full strength in both places, 1 is covered 1 is not. Anyway to see if it is restarting please?

You could add a push to mqtt when it’s starting. Or with serial out.
An full strength wifi signal on a cell-phone for example is of no relevance here. I had problem where reception on smartphone was perfect.

yep looks like they are restarting… not a clue why

Appart from wifi, a bad power supply might also be the cause.
What are you using? Some wemos d1 mini? Or some other esp board?
To be sure about the wifi you could try to move one lamp temporarily at 1 or 2 meters from your access point.

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I am using these
V3 Wireless module NodeMcu 4M bytes Lua WIFI Internet of Things development board based ESP8266

both use a different power supply types and 1 is 5m long and the other at the moment is just 1m as a test before I put the other 4 on.

Wifi isn’t the issue, as I have 3 Access Points to gain full coverage (I was using the same SSID but I don’t now)

found that this line might cause the reboots