BSH home appliances Bosch Siemens Washing Machine D-Bus

This project is an approach to integrate B/S/H/ household appliances such as washing machines or dryers into Home Assistant / ESPHome without the Home Connect Cloud:

The internal bus (D-Bus) of the appliance is read and operating data (remaining time, washing program, etc.) is transmitted to Home Assistant.

However, there are still unanswered questions about the electronics and also about decoding the D-Bus protocol. Anyone who would like to help is very welcome.


I am interested in the implementation. Maybe it could help to look into EBUS wich is used in BSH home appliances (boilers etc.) and there already are implementations for HA via mqtt discovery and prooven / commercially available Hardware with published schematics.

@patrickz Thanks for pointing out. The eBUS has some similarities and the documentation in particular is well worth reading. Decoding the D-Bus in general and model specific is still some work though.

I’m going to give this a try with my Serie 6 Dryer (WTW85490). It has what looks like an unused D-Bus connector on the front fascia PCB. I’m guessing it doesn’t matter where on the Bus we connect to? Planning on using a ESP32-C6 with ESPHome. Is it best to interpret the new frame data with an Arduino or can this be done with ESP?

You should at least double-check that the connector has 9V VCC and 5V DATA. And make sure to read the safety instructions.

Use a board which is able to work with 5V on GPIO pins (or use a level shifter). ESP32 boards might draw too much power, that’s already a problem with the ESP8266, but you might give it a try.

Please open an issue with the project and post log files of bus traffic if you succeed.

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Hi Hajo, I have been successful in reading the bus traffic!

For now I am powering the ESP32 via its USB-C port. In the final version I will install a 5V power supply inside the machine just for the ESP32.

I have opened an issue on the project :smiley:

Many thanks!

great to hear this good news about esp8266 and bosch washing machines! Is there any help to build hardware and software? On github I can see some photos, but no circuit diagram that explains how to connect the things. Perhaps you have got some more information?