BT_LE on Zigbee 3.0 CC2652P USB Stick not recognized by HassOS

Hi there!
I’ve bought the Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Stick with Antenna from itead (Link here).
As the Specifications say this stick has a TI CC2652P Chip which supports Zigbee and Bluetooth 5.2 Low Energy.

I am using HassOS freshly installed on a small x86_64 box (w/o integrated BT). HassOS is working flawelessly and also zigbee works with the Sonoff Zigbee USB Stick. But I have a Problem with Bluetooth. I want to Monitor some BT-LE devices like Thermometer and so on. Previously on HassOS on a RaspberryPI3 the BT-LE Logging with the “Bluetooth Low Energy Monitor” integration worked fine. It used the integrated BT Device in the RaspberryPi3.

Now with the new Box, which has no integrated BT device I thought I could use the BT Feature on the Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Stick mentioned at the beginning. But when I want to configure the “Bluetooth Low Energy Monitor” integration and need to chose the BT Device which should be used for monitoring then only a device with 00:00:00:00:00 as MAC Address is shown in the DropDown Menu under “Device”.
So, the BT “Device” or Feature of the Zigbee Stick is not recognized by HassOS. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need to flash the Zigbee Stick with a different Firmware? Or are the Specs on the TI website wrong?! Would be nice if someone could help me with this Problem.

Would be really happy if someone could help me resolve this issue without using a dedicated BT Stick as a workaround!

Thank you very much in advance!
Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Yes, but I don’t know any firmware that enables both Zigbee and Bluetooth. I guess you will have to write your own.

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It is my understanding that those multi-protocol chips only allow one or the other radio enabled, but not multiple at the same time, but I might be wrong.

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According to TI, no

But on the other hand


And the demo is about end-devices, not the CC26X2 as a coordinator…

They make it explicit there is actually switching occurring. I suspect that way of working is not really compatible with coordinator work.

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No, they use time slices, which is probably not good for coordinator firmware.

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Yeah, not specifically seen it on any Zigbee devices as of yet but it is common on multi-protocol client/end-devices that Bluetooth is only used for the initial setup/config (commissioning or provisioning/joining stage) with Bluetooth via an app a smart phone before it switches over the other primary protocol that will be used by the device.

It is basically the same feature that is becoming common on newer Wi-Fi enabled devices that do not feature WPS (Push Button) for joining, which again on more modern devices without WPS Push Button allows for users to connect an app via BLE and then in that app enter WiFi SID and password, after it connects to WiFi the Bluetooth is no longer used unless you reset the device.

PS: This type of two-step BLE commissioning procedure method has been said that it will to become the standard on all Matter (Project CHIP) devices that will use Thread as its primary transport protocol. That is, at least all battery-operated Matter/CHIP devices are based on Thread and they will all feature BLE for initial commissioning but after that BLE will not be used for Matter itself since Matter depends on IP. I believe this might also apply to WiFi based and mains-powered Matters devices as well. See Project Connected Home over IP: Light bulb — nRF Connect SDK 1.5.1 documentation


Oh wow,

man, I didn’t expect so much help. I can not thank you enough. I was trying to find any meaningful information about how to use BT-LE on the stick and didn’t find anything. And thank you for clarifying that BT_LE and Zigbee can not be used concurrently. Now I need to find a nice BT_LE Stick which does draws power as low as possible.

Thanks again for your kind help! I really appreciate it!
Have a nice day!

Did you find a way?

I wish to use ha with a bt mesh and zigbee (as well as wifi and z wave - I wish life was easy)

Hi there!

I finally ordered a BT-USB Stick from Aliexpress which works perfectly for my BT Thermometers.
This is the one I am using with HomeAssistant:

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Cool! What range do you get?
I’m using this one, it goes through walls, so I’m quite happy. (drivers ok on HASS OS, ODroid n2+)

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The farthest Sensor is in a fridge about 8 meters away and a wall and closet between the BT-Dongle and the Thermometer/Hygrometer in the Fridge.

But the BT-Dongle you are using looks more promising. Thanks for the hint/suggestion.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:

How did you get it up and running!

Nothing, just plugged it in

Thanks that is useful to know.

Mateine, what range do you get?

It covers the whole floor. 7 BLE radiator valves throughout the house (1 floor) goes through walls just fine. I think it is comparable with my Fritzbox wifi range

It’s been a couple of years and it works but it has a bunch of issues.
The best one I know of is this one , recommended in the home assistant bluetooth section