BThome - disable autodiscovery?

How can I disable adding new entities (effectively autodiscovery) in BTHOME? HA 2023.7 removed the cog menu in Services and devices, meaning there’s no apparent way to do this. I can only access this setting for each discovered/added device but not the BThome integration in general.

Tips? Thanks.

Nobody? A little help?

Have you tried clicking around in the integration window? I’m sure you can find where the cog was moved…

I can’t, no. Can you?

Anyone? It’s very annoying

How do I even REMOVE BThome integration? There’s no overall Settings button or menu that is on all other integrations.

Thanks but when it discovers dozens of bogus devices, I need to manually remove all of them? Why is that?

Also this doesn’t prevent autodiscovery of more devices.

Other similar integrations such as the Passive BLE or Alexa Media Player have a common settings menu:

Auto discovery of bluetooth devices is handled by the bluetooth: integration, which is provided by default config. You can click ignore on each item, or disable them. If you delete them, it will come back… just like every other integration.

So there’s no way to disable BThome autodiscovery other than deleting default_config: from configuration.yaml and adding everything else manually??

That can’t be right.

Nope, that’s right. Please don’t complain to me about it, I’m just the messenger. Thanks.

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Thank you. I’ve already posted this to Github where the answers are exactly the same so far.