Bthome sensor

I have a bit of a niche setup, so let me explain what I’m trying to do:

I have a bathroom fan controller running esphome, which has a temp/humidity sensor attached to an esp32. It also uses bluetooth to connect to a Xaiomi Bluetooth temp/humidity sensor in the hall outside the bathroom, running the ATC firmware. It compares the humidity values to determine if the fan should turn on, and has no dependency on home assistant. Home assistant reads the sensor value from the ATC firmware using a different esphome node that has it as a sensor.

I want to update the sensor to use the bthome advertising format, so it can be picked up by Home Assistant natively. However, I don’t want my bathroom esphome node dependent on the sensor in home assistant, since it can read the BLE advertisement packets independently.

I can’t find a sensor component for bthome devices natively on esphome. I know the concept is to use esphome as a bluetooth forwarder to send the advertisement data on to home assistant, but that’s a process that will run separately from my bathroom controller. Is there any way to accomplish reading that data without needing home assistant?


I don’t think this is a niche setup. I’m doing the same with duplicate sensors in hw. Once for HA und once for ESPHome. Would be nice to get rid of the duplicates.