Bticino Living Now Connect integration with ConBee II

Hello, I’m trying to understand if it is possible and how, to integrate BTicino Living Now Connect switches, plugs and cover shutters with Home Assistant through a ConBee II zigbee dongle.
Of course that implies the exclusion of the BTicino Gateway.
I tried to “discover” an installed cover shutter, with the Phoscon Web App in Home Assistant but did not find anything. Actually I don’t know which is the procedure to associate the shutter (I tried to cut and than turn on the power supply to the shutter with no success).
Thanks to anybody that can help.

I have the same issue, I cannot include the bticino 3584c however I have found a commet here where the guy seems to be able to setup them without gateway

also here but is not clear how to pair it

Have anyone managed to do this?
I’m looking just a dimmer integration, particulary this model: Btcino K4411C

You might have a look at this thread at the Zigbee2MQTT forum, good hunting! :

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Just FYI I sucessfully paired K4411C dimmer with Deconz. On/Off functionality works, but not dimming.

Does anyone has any idea how to fix it?