Bubbling Errors Up or Conditionally Limiting Functionality


I’ve been working on integrating new devices into my Google Assistant environment at home. Initially I thought I’d just have to code using the Arduino IDE but after doing some web research I discovered Home Assistant and after discovering Home Assistant I discovered ESP Home. I’ve got to say that ESP Home/Home Assistant are some of the most impressive new technologies I’ve seen in a long time. I signed up for NUBU Cloud and have done some preliminary experimentation.

As an initial project I thought I’d build a garage door controller that I can use from Google Assistant. There’s only a limited number of commands and states to deal with and besides it’s something that I can use.

At this point I’m looking at how to deal with error conditions. For example two of the most obvious ones are when the user tries to open or close the door and it’s already in the desired state. It could fail silently but that’s really not good enough. In those circumstances the illegal operation should either be made unavailable or an error message should be returned to the user. As a nubie I’m not seeing any way to do this and since there are multiple layers involved (the ESP code -> Home Assistant -> NUBU Cloud -> Google Assistant & back) I thought I’d see if anyone has been down this road before me.

I’ve not found a lot of documentation so I thought I’d see if anyone in this group can help or offer any suggestions.



In general home assistant does not treat such conditions as an error. If you turn on, eg, a light that is already on, it just stays on.

That’s not to say that you cannot build an automation that detects the current state and acts differently depending on that state.

That would be at the HA level. I’m thinking about trying to bubble it up to the Google Assistant level. Perhaps that sort of functionality isn’t available.