Bug IOS App - [Portrait <-> Landscape] Updating Across Dashboard Tabs

There seems to be a small bug in the IOS app relating to the updating of the card positions. (I use various add-ons and card mod stuff, so would appreciate it if someone with a more vanilla dashboard can see if they have the same issue.)
Steps to replicate bug:

  1. Go to a dashboard tab with multiple cards (lets call it dashboard A)
    (Dashboard tab A should have more columns when viewed in landscape mode, as compared to portrait mode for this to work)
  2. Flip phone so dashboard tab A is in landscape mode.
  3. Use top tabs to navigate to different tab, (lets call it dashboard tab B) while remaining in landscape mode.
  4. While viewing tab B flip phone back to portrait mode.
  5. Use tabs to navigate back to dashboard tab A.
  6. Bug: Dashboard tab A should still show the number of columns of landscape mode, while phone is in portrait mode.

Pictures are just an example, problem exists for all dashboard tabs that have varying columns between landscape and portrait.

PS. Dashboards are still a work in progress, please don’t judge too harshly haha.