Bug on lovelace code editor when deleting lines

I think I am suffering a bug on lovelace using the code editor. As you can see on the gif below, when I select certain lines and I delete them, the remaining lines get merged in a weird way:

Kapture 2021-11-01 at 14.17.06

This is super annoying because it’s hard to spot, and all you notice on the first place is that some entities are no longer visible on the preview pane, leading to incorrect configurations

Yeah I’ve encountered this one.

Just one of the many issues with the editor “CodeBlocks” that Home Assistant uses.

Particularly for iOS.

Which web browser are you using?

I’m using chrome on MacOs.
I don’t understand why it is not possible to just edit the YAML file even if you are in managed mode. After all you can do that with the edit raw configuration, so I don’t see the point to limit it.