Bug pressing/tapping cards LoveLace (iOS 13)


So I am experiencing a very annoying bug using the Home Assistant app (latest build). This happens with both my iPad and iPhone running iOS13.3, desktops are fine. So I think it’s an iOS(13) thing.

When I press a card button it toggles back and forth very quickly. This happens when I tap a card on my Lovelace Menu. When I press it by hold it very shortly (not an actual hold, but more like a slower press) it does work. When using desktop (Safari and Chrome) I can just click very short and it works fine.

I have recorded this to show. Just to clarify: I tap the screen just once and you will see that the light toggles back. When I tap it more slowly (not hold) it does work.

Is this a known bug or does anyone know a workaround?

Should we just guess what button you are using? Should we just guess your config?
If using the custom button-card, this was one of the recent fixes for iPadOS. However you have not given any useful info for anyone to help you.

If using the custom button-card, check that thread as well as a few people are having issues with that card and d/l via HACS although I did download it again today and it seems to be working FWIW.

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Thanks for the fast respons. In my mind I explained everything to detail, but in text form I was not so clear I see (sorry).

It appears to be a bug of the button-card you mentioned. I don’t have this problem on my iPad anymore, but the iPhone still is bugged. I will take this problem there.

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That’s weird… I was only seeing it on my iPad. Did you try clearing the frontend cache in the app? (It’s right down the bottom of the app config main page)

Yes, I cleared the cache and even deleted the entire app and re-installed from App Store just now. Still the same issue. I have found out just now that the iPad version still has this bug when using the app in splitscreen mode. This only occurs when using the 1/4 view and not 50/50 or 3/4 split. Perhaps it has to do with the aspect ratio, since it resembles the iPhone view that way.

reach out to @RomRider in the button card thread. He is on there now. Also if you use HACS, make sure it’s d/l exactly the same code as the release page for the card.

EDIT: just tested iPhone again and it’s not working on iPhone.

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he’s just released a fix. testing now.

Thank you for your help. I see he has just released an update. The changelog states it’s an attempt to fix double tap on iPhone and iPads. Unfortunately this doesn’t fix it yet, I restarted HA and cleared cached as well to be safe. I’ll contact him tomorrow, it’s 2AM where I live.

Thanks again!

OK in my testing now, both iPad and iPhone working in app. Again, when I updated using HACS it was a dud so you will need to get the js file from releases page and delete the .gz file (if you use HACS)

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Yes! That did the trick! I removed the files and uploaded the lates component from the Github page manually. Thanks for all your help and quick testing and responses!

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