Bug? Setting brightness of dimmer doesn't fire a state_change event

When I send this call to the HA websocket:

{“id”:1530842966449005,“type”:“call_service”,“domain”:“light”,“service”:“turn_on”,“service_data”: {“entity_id”:“light.ge_unknown_type5044_id3038_level”,“brightness”:40}}

The light turns on, and I get the expected acknowledgement:

{result: null, success: true, type: “result”, id: 1530842966449005}

However I don’t get a state_change event on the light.ge_unknown_type5044_id3038_level entity.

If I second request:


I get a state_change even that indicates the state changed from “off” to “on” even thought the light was already on as a result of the first call

I work around this on my custom front-end by making every call twice. However when I ask Alexa to “Set Brightness” it only makes one call, which means I don’t see a state_change event for the light, and I don’t know to update my Front-End UI

Is this a bug?

My guess is you need to set refresh_value and delay. See:

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Yeah, that was my problem. Thanks!

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