BUG - wrong icon border position in Android

Hello. I have noticed the following bug: the android status bar (on top) does not disappear in full screen mode when the Home Assistant app is running. The icons in picture elements card are calculated from the top of the app but the borders are calculated from the top of the screen.

Please check the red marked icons (the others are under re-positioning)

code is quite simple:

>   - type: state-icon
>     entity: switch.sonoff_1001028b3f_1
>     style:
>       top: 75%
>       left: 74%
>       border: 1px solid rgb(68,115,158)
>       '--mdc-icon-size': 20px
>     tap_action:
>       action: toggle

this works just nice on my laptop but not on the phone (Galaxy S20FE).
Any hints or workarounds? Thanks.

I managed to setup the app to be full full-screen, but the situation is the same, the icon is not placed in the middle of the border frame. Ideas?