Bughunting tips: Hue lights that mysteriously turn off arround the same time

Any tips on how to hunt for the following issue: Every evening the lights (3 Hue lights) in the livingroom turn off without any real cause. And in the morning their brightness can suddenly increase. This seems to be all at the same times every evening.

I’ve looked in the logbook, but all I can see is a notice that the lights turned off. No indication why. Is there anyway to look beyond the logbook or dive deeper?

I’ve checked all my automatons and there is none that should cause this. Next to HA we also use Google Home and Flic buttons (that I never integrated). What has struck me are two things:

  1. it seems to happen around the time in the morning google hubs act as a wakeup light in our kids bedrooms and around the time google turns off the lights slowly when they go to bed. I’ve double checked google and all the groups, rooms are set correctly and on the displays it indicates the correct lights.

  2. In the logbook I found that Flic buttons are often pressed around that time to control lights in the kids rooms. For example the lights turned off, but they use a flic button to turn the lights back on (usually to read). Also there I checked that the lights the buttons control do not refer to any livingroom lights.

Hue itself also has lights assigned correctly in the correct rooms.

I realize this is a bit of a vague question and it may or may not be HA related. But HA seems to be my best bet at trying to find out why it is happening. Just not very familiar with where to look beyond the logbook.

You only will need to start ruling things out. Start with disablig the google scenarios. Unlink buttons, etc… .only one thing at a time and see if it goes away. Then you have the source logic causing it.

Thats what I kind of feared. Removing sources compleetly for a dat to find it.