Buienradar belgium weather stations

The buienradar website shows there are weather stations in Belgium, but only Netherlands stations are included so far in Hassio. As buienradar has the best rain forecast accuracy, it would be great to include the BE stations as well.

The integration shows that you can configure this for BE and so says the manual
Buienradar - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

Hi, thanks for the reply.

The BE in the configuration is related to the satelite images.

If you click on that page you shared to show the map of weather stations, you will see they are restricted to the Netherlands.

Then you should raise that with the developer as a feature request, this is a community and will not act on post like this.

Thanks for pointing that out. I came her because the page below says to come here in case of feature requests. Where/how would you suggest to reach out?

You are right, it is an internal functionality hence you are OK… although I am not directly affected…will vote…please also vote for yourselves :slight_smile:

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Some relevant answers to this feature request were provided here Buienradar belgium weather stations · Issue #77938 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Buienradar Belgium does not have the relevant APIs available at this time.

I was also looking for a good source of weather data, and found the KMI app. It uses an api (https://app.meteo.be).

By looking at the code of the app, I managed to figure out how it works. However, I’m not a coder … So I’m looking for someone who could help me in creating an home assistant integration based upon the KMI api.


woul be nice to get data from meteo.be

Yeah looking for a solution for belgium too!
Would like rain forecast too (local)

I am currently creating a custom integration to get data from IRM KMI app (meteo.be) in Home Assistant. It is still a work in progress but you can have a look here: Belgium weather provider: IRM / KMI (meteo.be)

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