Buienradar does show map

I have a problem with the buienradar map.
I used to get a neat overview with the expected rain but since a while I get a gray screen. I don’t see where it goes wrong but when I connected my HA directly to the modem for a while the map was back again. As far as I know nothing in my router has changed and I don’t see what it could have to do with my router. You don’t have to open a port for buienradar, do you? It can’t be an adblocker because the problem occurs on all devices. And not when HA was connected to the modem.
This is my configuration in the yaml.

  - platform: buienradar
    name: Bend
  - platform: buienradar
    name: 'Bend'
    forecast: true

This is what I get:

Should it not be - platform: buienradar