Buienradar temperature

I noticed that since yesterday around 15:00 Buienradar stopped updating the temperature.
Nothing has changed and I do not get an error message. Anybody else noticed the same?
Or has the update HA 89.1 changed something I did not understand and has to be changed?

I have the same, no data anymore since yesterday afternoon…
@Mariusthvdb, I know you are using this sensor to. Do you have the same issue?

No problem here, temperature is reported.

No problem (now) but yesterday I had issues. It normally takes a few minutes after restart for my Buienradar components to be initiated, yesterday it took much much longer… and took a lot of the capacity of my HA instance.

All of a sudden that was back to normal, and had a few restarts since, with the regular lag…


forgot to state I am on 84.3, and that I hadn’t noticed I have all flat liners… meaning the states havent changed for a long time. Seems alright on first sight, but values havent changed indeed…

don’t think it is a HA issue though, since I have another system measuring the Buienradar values, and they are identical… So Buienradar must be having issues?

I’m also having problems getting updated temp and pressure info from buienradar since March 8th. I’ve also just updated to 0.89.1.

Same issue here. Started after update to 89.1
Last update from buienradar were tagged with timestamp “Measured: Fri Mar 8 14:50:00 2019”

It seems a coincidence that buienradar stopped updating after installing 0.89.1.
I also think it is an Buienradar thing. Not all data has stopped updating. If anyone knows why please inform all of us. :wink: Thank you. At least now I know I am not the only one.

My buienradar started updating again.
I did a few actions. There is a big chance that by coïncidence it started working.
I have called xml.buienradar.nl to check if buienradsr is stil lroviding data. It did.
I have checked api.buienradar.nl for actual data. Also ok.
I changed the configuration from name = “Eindhoven” to name is ‘Eindhoven’ ( single quote sign).

I rebooted by HA.
Since March 10 ar 14:30 I started to receive data again.

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yes, 14.26 to be exact :wink:


Here also, all is working again. :ok_hand:

Same here. Also Woensdrecht?

check. Woensdrecht for the component, and for the sensors.

What always surprises me is the difference between the weather component and the sensors for the same location.

Again strange values here after 12:00.
You have these as well?

Here’s all good with buienradar! Arnhem post!

Hmm, from their site:

So no readings anymore from the station I was using.
Not the first time.

Yep, many of the sensors aren’t set:

This has to do with the HA integration somehow since I have another set of sensors reading BR over Mqtt from another hub showing all correctly:

Strange, getting the data from the same station?
On the BR site the Woensdrecht current readings also show nothing.

Yes, but they may be outdated too, and simply not refreshed since the issue arose again today…

Yes, outdated…

at least some sensors are populated again, since yesterday: