Buienradar Weather integration doesn't recognize Night

Will it be finally recognized the weather components should also use correct icons for ‘night’ conditions?
Seems to silly for words this would need an architecture discussion…

at midnight this is displayed on Buienradar:

while in fact it is:

please lets give this some traction, there’s an icon issue on Github, so we aren’t forced to create templates for this in other cards.

mdi has 2 nice icons for nightly conditions

weather-night and weather-night-partly-cloudy


so please lets use these in stead of needing this:

          {% set mapper_icon =
            {'partly-cloudy-night': 'night-partly-cloudy'} %}
          {% set mapper_br =
            {'pouring': 'pouring',
             'lightning-rainy': 'lightning-rainy',
             'snowy-rainy': 'snowy-rainy'} %}
          {% set mapper_ds =
            {'clear-day': 'sunny',
             'clear-night': 'night',
             'sunny': 'sunny',
             'rainy': 'rainy',
             'snow': 'snowy',
             'sleet': 'snowy-rainy',
             'wind': 'windy',
             'fog': 'fog',
             'cloudy': 'cloudy',
             'partlycloudy': 'partly-cloudy',
             'partly-cloudy-day': 'partly-cloudy',
             'partly-cloudy-night': 'night-partly-cloudy',
             'hail': 'hail',
             'thunderstorm': 'lightning',
             'tornado': 'hurricane'} %}
          {% set icon = states('sensor.dark_sky_icon') %}
          {% set dark = states('weather.home_darksky') %}
          {% set woensdrecht = states('weather.woensdrecht') %}
          {% set weather = mapper_icon[icon] if icon in mapper_icon else 
                           mapper_br[woensdrecht] if woensdrecht in mapper_br else 
                           mapper_ds[dark] if dark in mapper_ds else 'sunny-alert' %}

adding to this issue and speaking for itself a view from the mini-weather-card using a buienradar weather component: A Sunny Moon :wink: (current time is 23:30)