Building a Zigbee mesh network

Hi guys,

I’m starting with Home Assistant and Zigbee devices. I currently have a handful of Hue lights running on the Hue Hub with the dedicated Hue iOS/macOS/Windows Apps. HA also recognises the Hue Hub and allows control over its devices, so this is working fine.

Now, because of a recent “incident”, I’m planning on adding a couple of flood sensors that should trigger alarms and stuff on HA.

I already noticed that my house has strong signal isolation between floors. I have my IT stuff including my Pi set up in the basement while sensors, lights etc. are located on first and second floors. For Hue to work reliably, I already had to move the Hue Hub to the living room on the first floor, wich ain’t a problem because its communication to the HA Pi in the basement uses wired Ethernet. But here’s my questions: what are my best options for getting a reliable Zigbee mesh network going for the new flood sensors?

Here are my thoughts and findings so far:

  • The Hue Hub is for lighting devices only (Zigbee LL), so I cannot use it for the flood sensors.
  • I don’t want to lose the Hue entertainment stuff and other “Hue Hub Only” features, so I’ll stick with the Hue Hub for the Hue lights.
  • I’m thinking about buying a Conbee II stick since this seems to be the recommended option around HA.
  • However:
    • Will the Hue bulbs and plugs relay the Conbee II mesh network while they themselves are paired to the Hue Bridge?
    • If not, I’m left with my flood sensors as only Zigbee devices on the 1st floor and my HA Pi with its Conbee II stick in the basement.
    • Is there something like a Zigbee signal booster or something that’s gonna be able to greatly extend my little Conbee II from the basement without having to add unused Zigbee plugs?

Thanks in advance for your input.

Best regards,

No, they will form a separate Zigbee network.

Ikea has a Zigbee Signal repeater that works with Deconz. Or you could flash a CC2531 with router firmware.

Awesome, thanks! :slight_smile: