Built in kiosk mode

I make good use of the kiosk mode plugin for dashboards on tablets around the house.

I think this is such a common use case that it deserves to be a part of the built in dashboard code.

I will create 82 new accounts just to vote on this if I have to. Kiosk mode is so important for the way I use home assistant, and my choices are to use one that works for now but has been archived by the author or use one in HACS that doesn’t work in Chromium on Raspian (the thing for which I need the Kiosk mode).

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It would also be great to include an opt-out option per admin to allow them to bypass the kiosk mode so it’s easier maintaining and updating dashboards

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…and it needs to be reconciled with the new subview: true as the back button is not visible with hide_header: true

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Yes. With direct link to a specific dashboard. It shouldnt have any sidebar.