Built-in MQTT broker interface binding change?

Did something change with the way Home Assistant binds its built-in mqtt broker? It has worked well until very recently, when mqtt stopped being available on the ethernet IP of my home assistant box(, instead only binding to

Is there any way to configure home assistant to bind to my ethernet interface/IP, or better yet to all interfaces/ The broker: configuration option mentioned in the documentation looked like it may be the answer, but it has been deprecated

I use the Home Assistant docker image with docker-compose in Linux with network mode host and the built-in MQTT broker for mqtt messages. Interestingly, 8123 is still accessible on all interfaces, only 1883 stopped binding to the eth interface - only available at localhost

Something else using 1883?

Thanks, @petro your question was just the hint I needed. Apparently boozenebulous :tumbler_glass: must have been playing with mosquitto config a few months ago and a recent power outage/reboot had the host binding the port when it came back up.

I used this as a good excuse to put a mosquitto server in my docker-compose file so I don’t have to think about this again :+1:

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nightcapetro does the same crap sometimes.