Built In network backup for Snapshots

Please add the ability to automatically copy and/or move (Depending on the user’s preference) supervisor snapshots to a network share (NFS/SMB).

Since the Home-Assistant Supervised VM (.ova) creates with such a small virtual disk, it’s easy to fill it up with snapshots in a short amount of time. And since there’s only a notification when the disk has less than 10% space free, it can fill easily, say, overnight, and the system becomes unusable and unrepairable.

Please allow a built in function to access an NFS or SMB share to archive backups to, for space saving. This function should also keep only the latest backup in the /backup share of Home Assistant and move the rest to a network destination.

Rsync, GIT Push, there are any number of options that can do this, and I cant imagine this being too difficult to implement.

There is an addon available to do this. You can choose how many snapshots to keep locally and how many to keep remotely.


lol, Thank you!!!