Bulb doesn't receive entire "Scene" immediately (delayed)

Hey all,

I’m using a home made blueprint to implement a motion-activated light bulb. I use special scenes to implement on, notice, warning, and finally off (which happen in sequence when there is no motion). So for example, the bulb may be off awhile, then when I walk into the room the scene “My Room - On” gets activated, and nothing more.

The “on” scene just has the bulb set to on with a specified color (warm white). But for some reason, it seems the bulb turns “on” but doesn’t actually receive the color for awhile. Because the previous color is always red (my “warning” scene, that happens before the light goes off), walking into my room often turns on the bulb as red, then several moments later to normal white.

Obviously I’d prefer the scene be activated correctly, so I’m wondering how can I address this issue. I’m considering having the “on” scene quickly activated before the “off” scene, so the next “on” will have the correct color. I’m also considering sending the “on” scene 5x in a row, separated by 2 second intervals. What methods do you recommend? Is there a way to configure a scene such that there is a small delay between “power on” and “set color”?

Not sure if this matters, but I’m on the latest Oct/2023 version of HASS, core/manual install, and using a Sengled E11-N1EA bulb. I have a Zigbee dongle on a 4 foot USB cable on the server, and it seems like the signal does work correctly elsewhere (I can usually flip a switch on/off very precisely, though sometimes it does seem slightly laggy).

Any help appreciated!

So it seems the problem was likely some sort of Zigbee lag in my network which was blocking my automations. I didn’t realize scene changes involving Zigbee were synchronous, but I guess that makes sense.

Once I nested all scene changes inside a parallel block, the problem seemed to (mostly) go away.