Bulk deletion of orphand devices

I’ve used rtl_433 to grab the communication of my weatherstation. At the end I was successful. Thanks for all those integrations. All of those discovered devices ended up as Mqtt devices. Actually, what I see are close to 3000 devices with more than 8000 entities. At the end I just need one device with about a handfull of entities all other stuff is rubish. I’ve raised the question on how to get rid of all those other devices, but finally I was able to focus on the one device of intrest, all other devices do not get updated anymore. I’ve used all those tools proposed e.g. Mqtt Explorer in order to clean up Mqtt. Successful, but devices and entities remain in core.devices_registry and core.entities_registry.
Finally, I’ve tried to modify them manually but messed up Home Assistant even when using a proper JSON Editor which checks syntax.
There is no way bulk delete devices and entities. What I’m looking for is a tool which allows me to search on devices by keywords with wildcards e.g. " Acurite* ", the abillity to mark them for deletion and the deletion of devices with associated entities.