Bulk manage Google Assistant entities?

I just installed KeyMaster to manage 3 locks, and now I’m manually going and de-selecting a hundred or so entities from my Google Assistant integration.

  • Is there a way to manage enable/disable state in bulk? Happy to use CLI , API, etc.
  • Is there a faster way than two clicks per entity to disable it?

I did not understand the relation between Keymaster and google home entities. If you are trying to limit the entities exposed to google assistant, you can do this via YAML config and initiate a sync devices command in google home.

I’m using Home Assistant OS with the built in Google Assistant functionality. The default behavior is any new entities get auto-exposed to Google Assistant. So whey KeyMaster created a few hundred entities to manage the aspects of locks it exposed them all to Google.

My solution was to to an opt-in approach instead. I went and checked the Expose (vs Follow Domain) option on all the entities I cared about and then changed the defaults for all domains to “Don’t Expose”.