(Bulk) renaming of entities (e.g. z-wave)

Hi everyone,

after a steep learning curve in HA I would like to clean up the mess :wink:
In openhab I made the experience that its sometimes much easier to modify textual configs than going through the UI.
That being said, I did this already for automations as these can be found in a yaml file in /config/.

I miss the same flexibility to rename my z-wave or tasmota entities like:
sensor.motion_sensor_groundfloor_temperature sensor.motion_sensor_groundfloor_motion_detected
and so on.

Is there any option to rename these by textual search and replace somewhere?

I know that renaming a device should rename the related entities (if in advanced mode), but this does not seem to work for all related entities (at least not for z-wave entities like … Node State).
And I did not find a proper answer here yet.

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.