Bunch of problems after migrating to SSD

I’ve been running my Home Assistant on an SD-card in a Raspberry Pi 3b+. Despite all warnings, the SD-card has been rock solid. I’ve had very few issues at all with my HA these past two years.

But, disk space was becoming an issue, so I recently migrated to an SSD. And it’s just been trouble ever since.

  • my kingston 120 gb ssd only gets recognized by the Pi sometimes. The Pi 4 apparently has issues with the jmicron chipset that I use, but since I’m using a Pi 3b+ and my ssd is sometimes recognized, I don’t think that’s it.
  • I’m using influxdb, but the database is not part of the HA-backup and I can’t find a way to move my old database. So it’s looking like I have to start over with my data.
  • This morning, HA started a sudden increase in CPU usage and memory usage. Settings wouldn’t load, so couldn’t stop add-ons or reboot system. I took the power instead.

Where do I start to fix this? :o

So, questions:

  • could the ssd issue be a loose connection somewhere? My windows and mac seems to have no problem detecting the ssd (when formatted), but maybe it’s the Pi?
  • Is there a beginners way of moving an influxdb database to a new system? If not, how do I setup my database so copying/moving at later date is actually possible?

Not going to lie, I am a little tempted to just go back to the SD-card.

I am thinking of migrating to SSD with my rpi4 just because a handful are doing it and loving it. After reading your post, I may just hold out since my rpi with sd card is doing ok. I want to migrate for the speed.

well, I have at least noticed HA to be a little more speedy when it’s been able to use the SSD :slight_smile:

Oh, I bet that it is. I had one once and it regularly reset itself, dropping off of linux.
I suggest to only use ASMedia as a usb-sata controller on RPI. Never had any issue since.

Thankfully a new usb-sata controller + enclosure isn’t too expensive, so I’ll put one in the cart next time I’m shopping :slight_smile:

Do you know if some brands always use ASMedia? Because controller-maker doesn’t seem to be a thing that’s listed in my normal online shops.
I can always email the shops, so no big problem there.

IIRC from my research, no. Some brands use one or the other depending on the model, and even on the revision.

I use that one: https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B011M8YACM
With 0.0 issues (on a RPI4)