Busch-Jaeger 2-gang (6736-84) Zigbee switch - How to implement double-press, long-press, hold

a bit new to HA, read the documentation and several threads in the forum, but now abit stuck: Have installed the Busch-Jaeger 4-gang switch (Busch-Jaeger – 6736-84 Control Element for Switch/dimmer Zigbee 2gang Radio Control studio white - 63x63), together with the power adapter, so no switch or dimmer module, hence all 4 buttons usable.

I’m able to use each of the buttons in Automations and trigger actions by a single press (evaluating the “action subtype”, e.g.: “off_row_1”, “on_row_1”, etc.).

But I could not figure out how to implement double-press, long-press and hold actions (e.g. for calling scenes, dimming, etc.).

Would be great if someone, who has already implemented that for this device, could share the automation OR give me a hint to an automation for another device, which works in a similar way, which I could then build upon.

Thanks in advance! :grinning:

Here’s how the device shows up in Z2M:

This is the switch, by the way:

And these are the action subtypes as per Z2M:
Screenshot 2024-02-12 130215
Note: Briefly pressing and releasing a button triggers the off_row_X resp. on_row_X actions for the given row, long-pressing triggers the brightness_step_down_row_X/brightness_step_up_row_X state respectively (after about one second). When releasing the button after a long-press action, a brightness_stop_row_X will be issued with no distinction between the left or right button.

Would be great if someone would have an idea!