Button Box with wireless HA control?

I want to create a toy button box for my kids, similar to this (DIY Busy Board: Light Switch Box Toy for Toddlers - Sensory Box/Activity Board for kids - YouTube), but I want to add in button control for some of the lights and switches in their rooms (like lava lamp, bedside lamp etc). Whats the best way to set this up to work with HA? I’ve been looking into MQTT and ESPHome but it’s not clear which is the ideal way to go about this. I’m not shy of diving into a project but it takes me a while to figure out how to pull things together. My level of knowledge sort of stops at hacking Lutron pico remotes to make custom automation buttons etc. Would love any thoughts or direction.


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Did you ever get anywhere with this? Just think about same and just thinking to buy a prebuilt one and add one on.

Yep, sure did.

Here is the final result. Used ESPHome and a Wemos D1 Mini. Have 5 controllable buttons that I can change up now from within Home Assistant. The kids are having fun playing with the button box (as am I, haha) and I’ve given them certain on off functions for lamps in their room or around house. Experimented with a button activated SPY MODE automation that turns all hue around the house red, turns off all lights, lowers shades and starts a Mission Impossible playlist on Sonos (and a reset home automation) ….which was cool, the first time. After the 6 year old hit it the 4th time I removed that as an option. Here’s a video example. Imgur: The magic of the Internet Fun project!