Button Card Disappears on show_state: true

I had a button card that showed the state of my PowerWall Charge with show_state: true. however, since upgrading to 2023.4, when I select show_state: true, the card disappears. When I select false, the card is in place, but doesn’t show the state. I have looked at breaking changes and it doesn’t appear to be something new, and my other button cards seem to be working, although they donlt have numeric value.

show_name: true
show_icon: false
type: button
  action: none
entity: sensor.powerwall_charge
show_state: false
name: Powerwall

Any ideas?

Same issue here with button card being blank with show_state: true

However, I have a number of cards showing the state of entities relating to some thermometers.


  - type: horizontal-stack
      - type: button
        entity: sensor.living_room_thermometer_battery
        show_state: true
        name: Battery
      - type: button
        entity: sensor.living_room_thermometer_signal_strength
        show_state: true
        name: BT Strength


Screenshot_20230413_093512_Home Assistant
So it doesn’t seem to affect all sensors.

Same here, all my simple buttons are blank after last update !


Same here! All my simple buttons are gone after the last update.
In the “Edit” mode I cannot see the preview.

Okay, apparently it’s a known issue and will be fixed soon.

As a workaround, go to your user profile and turn one of the following options to anything other than auto:

Number Format , Time Format or First day of the week.

I’ve done that and it works. Don’t ask me how or why, but it works.

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Works ! Thanks, weird bug :wink:

I updated from 2023.4.3 to 2023.4.6 and this solved it for me!

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