Button color on > 0 amps

Hello all,
I’m assuming this is going to use 2 integrations, HACs custom-button and Sonoff LAN.
I currently get the Power (W), Voltage (V), and Current (A) from devices plugged into my sonoff plug. What I would like to do is when the device is on for the button to change a different color in my dashboard so I know its on.
I’m open to anyway to make this work.

My sonoff plug says its a sensor and switch.
Here is the config to show a graph or the power for my plug.

hours_to_show: 60
graph: line
type: sensor
detail: 1
entity: sensor.sonoff_100153b528_power

I’m not sure if I should make a template or just make a custom button that when it detects the amps/power above 0 the color changes.

I know I could use something like this just im not sure about getting the amps and having it above 0 in the button.

      - type: custom:button-card
        entity: binary_sensor.frontyard_person_motion
        icon: mdi:motion-sensor
        name: Heater
        color_type: card
            - filter: opacity(70%)
              height: 160px
                - font-size: 15px
                - color: white
                - value: 'on'
                      - background-color: yellow
                      - filter: opacity(100%)
                      - color: black
                      - font-size: 15px
                      - color: black

When I go to an entity in but custom:button my sensor does not appear. I’m assuming that is what I need to get the amperage.