Button for Assist

Hey. Hey.
I have a question about the asisst button.
I know it is located on the top right, but when I use the kiosk addon, I can’t see the button and I can’t get to it easily. Is there any way to create my own button?
Thanks for the advice



Would also like you see a service or entity we could use to put this into a dashboard card

Yes, that’s my point.

You can try something like this. (Change home to the name of your current dashboard)

type: button
  action: url
  url_path: home?conversation=1
name: Assist
show_name: true
show_icon: true

After testing it out, it looks like the functionality always results in a new tab being opened in your browser. And from mobile app even switching from the app to the browser.

There’s also a feature request regarding this behaviour.

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Interesting. At least it’s something. Thanks

I would love to see something like this too. With the amount of people who have a tablet of some kind stuck on their wall as a convenient dashboard. (Those tablets which also have a decent mic and speaker set for such an application.) It seems strange that this wasn’t part of the initial release.

Agreed, should turn this too a feature request

agreed, dont see the button either on my lapttop/tablet

It would be even better if it turned the microphone on.


This is what I want - a service that pops open assist with the mic already listening. Want to make it as quick as possible to get to that state.


With new version, this is included !
Hoorah !

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Just you guys know, but i tried to add it with custom button card , without luck.
Guess its not supported yet, theres a FR for it, so voted

Create a button helper first. Then add a button card and assign Assist to it. Easy Peasy.

It’s doable with Starting Assist from your dashboard - Home Assistant now.

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But can I do it from my Minimalist dashboard defined in YAML? :thinking: