Button in Homeassistant Dashboard which calls a service with data load

Would love to know where I can find a documentation, where its described, how to make a button in the UI, which when be pressed calls a service (which is predefined with a special dataload).

There is a lot of explanations e.g. whats a service, how a dataload can be given with and how it can be tested (developer tools) and how it looks in yaml-code… but what now… I can send in developer tools a service dataload and the device understands it and makes exactly what the intention was.
(homematic.set_device_value) and now ? How I can I use this service call ? where to put the yaml-code ? how to bind onto a button ? The docu on hass.io is extremely high resolution - I always miss the low resolution stuff for better understanding the high resolution explanations (without those tons of hours of frustation) !!!

  1. Go to an UI dashboard
  2. Click on the three dots right top
  3. Choose „edit“
  4. Click „Add new card“
  5. Choose „button“
  6. In the button card config. dialog click „tap action“
  7. In the opened dropdown click „call service“
  8. In the second dropdown choose the service you want to call
  9. Fill in the form

OMG. so easy… Thanks !