Button issue after 2023/04 upgrade. Not that one. I think

I likely messed this up with some bad yaml or made it it from a bad example, and it just took now to fully break. I have spent a few hours trying to debug it, with no luck. It should just be a simple grid that I have a bunch of buttons in it. What is broken?

Have you updated the Button Card in HACS? It was a critical issue that was handled in the new version.

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That was it. I completely forgot I had added that manually. Thank you very much.

I have a similar error, but only on my smartphone! Not on my macbook!
When I remove the “template: icon_name” line from the code, the error disappear.
The button card is the latest version.
Here is my code:

                - type: custom:button-card
                  style: |-
                    ha-card {
                    border-width: 0px !important
                  name: ArrĂȘter
                  icon: mdi:alert
                    action: call-service
                    confirm: >
                        return `[[[
                          if (window.confirm('Voulez-vous vraiment arrĂȘter votre NA?')) {
                            hass.callService('browser_mod', 'toast', { message: 'ArrĂȘt du NAS...', duration: 3000 });
                            hass.callService('button', 'press', { entity_id: 'button.diskstation_shutdown' });
                  template: icon_name

Any suggestion?

Not really, I know they render differently in different browsers. I would ask here:

Thanks. I found the solution
 Had to clear the cache of the IOS app and restart it.